It happens for a reason..or does it?

Anybody out there buy that old “happens for a reason”? Take today. I get up feeling like crap…dizzy, light headed, like I want to cry..again, like everyday. What to hell is the reason for that? I manage to get around and get morning chores done but only after pulling 200 pounds of stuff up there with me (rabbit food, 2 bales of pine shavings, 8 gallons of water, and 32 cans of cat food). The mud is over the toes on my boots. Every step is like pulling a toilet plunger off the floor. Why did I get these animals and why do I continue to care for these animals? It happens for a reason….

Coops need cleaning now that the weather is getting warmer. I gather my wheelbarrow and tools and round the corner to the largest  coop and what do I find? Bees…a couple hundred bees swarming around the door. Really?? Where to hell did they come from…its February in the northeast. …And the reason for that would be????

I gather my things and go to the second largest coop. Wading through mud that doubles as slop. This is the hardest coop to clean because everything has to come out to a 5 gallon pale via a pulled hoe, then out to the wheelbarrow, then to the compost pile. When I got to the last load I turned and went to carry out the bucket..and WHAM, slammed the top of my head into a 2X4. I knew it was there…I have hit my head on it 4 times before, one time knocking me right out. Face first into chicken shit I went. You would think after that I could remember it was there. Everything happens for a reason…I can’t move the 2×4 because its part of the structure, so what pray tell was the universe trying to tell me with that one?

To top off the day an escapee chicken clawed the hell out of the side of my neck when I caught her to put her back in the coop.

I now sit here with a headache, I am exhausted, still dizzy and light headed, but these things must be done. I am seriously thinking the universe is giving me every reason to get rid of the animals so I can sit and stare out a window for the rest of my days. I certainly do not feel like doing anything else everyday, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to just get out of bed every morning.

If everything happens for a reason I guess I am in a place where someone needs to send me a message and give an explanation as to what exactly that reason is for making things so difficult for me. I think I am generally a good person. I have always tried to help anyone when ever I could. Why do things have to be so difficult? ….or does it?

And so it is.

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Glad this week is over

Actually the last 2 weeks have been something to leave behind. Since the snow storm I have been pretty much sicker than a dog. Shortness of breath, never ending  sinus drainage, nauseous 24/7, and exhausted like nothing I can remember in the recent history. I am in the age bracket for hot flashes so I can’t tell if I have a fever…or a sequence of hot flashes. I know I if there was a olympic category for coughing..I would have gotten the gold.

All that is probably why this last week or so has seemed like the neverending story. I am tired of being so broke that I am having to compromise of absolutely everything. Meals have been reduced to macaroni and butter, peanut butter (and jelly) sandwiches, or just butter on bread (toasted or untoasted). It’s easier to come up with something creative when you have some staples to work with, but even granulated sugar is getting to be a delicacy around here. I had a bowl of dry cheerios for breakfast,  can of peaches for lunch, and buttered mash potatoes for supper.

Around the farm it’s been muddy and cold. Wading through 3 inches of shit mud with 20 pounds of winter gear on has been the ultimate work out let me tell ya. Pulling runner sleds of water (8-10 gallons at a time 3 time s a day) and 50 pound feed bags from the house to the barn every 2 or 3 days and dealing with icy well worn walk paths as the snow melts has been about all I could deal with. Knock on wood I took no falls this winter so far slipping on ice. That will be a first.

I have acquired some rabbits from a person who thought when they bought them for their daughter they were getting 2 males. I have taken their unintended expanded family of 4. I have been experimenting with how to prepare the “bunny gold” aka rabbit poop for sale as plant and garden fertilizer. In gardening circles rabbit poop fertilizer is premium, and demands premium pricing as well. I do not want these rabbits spending their lives walking on wire like most producers have them doing so I am working with a way to seperate the bedding from the fertilizer that makes the product more product than bedding.

I designed a logo for the farm and have decided after looking at Amazon and how it’s packaged for their site I will not get complicated with it…heavy duty plastic gallon zipper bags with a printed label will do it.

Well It’s 3am. Time to take another shot at sleep.

And so it is.

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Snow removal

The house sits about 200 feet from the road, and the driveway is about 250 feet long. The barn is another 250 feet from the house. I spent 6 hours shoveling snow yesterday while…get this…my “husband” went to the gym. Because my sciatica and shoulders get me up every hour or so,  I got little sleep last night. I have spent the day fighting what I call the “spins”.

Spins are my word for when I get so exhausted I can not focus anymore cause my brain says I have had enough even when I can not lay down and rest and sends my eyes into a spin that makes me feel like I am passing out. Much like my panic attacks I find it difficult to “reason with myself” in that I know what this is…if I can get layed down and nap it will be better for a hour before it starts again and I have to lay back down. But no, my short circuiting brain says, “yea, you think you know what this is, but what if you lay down and die cause you were wrong?” So…I sit in the chair, smoking one cigarette after another to keep awake, waiting for it to pass, which it doesn’t because I have not rested. All the while knowing that it’s pretty stupid to be doing that, my ability to think logically and make appropriate adult decisions goes right out the window.

Getting the farm chores done in between this is just about more than I can describe. It’s like pulling nails out of steel. Every move is calculated so I do not fall, and usually at one point I start to cry because I just can not do it anymore. Then you have the added misery of what happens when you start the tear flow in 10 degrees fahrenheit without taking in account the wind chill factor.

I sorta knew I was going to be in trouble today by how I felt when I tried to go to bed last night. The first 3 hours after I officially went to bed I was up walking 14 times ( I now keep a log of when I get up and down) . The rest of the night did not go much better. By 2:30am I gave up and started hand sewing on a prototype of a bag I would like to use to sell a farm product in. I worked on it until about 5am before trying to go back to bed. I did sleep for a hour and a half before having to get up and give the dog his medicine while my “husband” continued to sleep. It was also time to get going on the morning chores so while he slept I started my days activities despite how I felt.

When I watched the weather while I was putting my winter gear on and learned another 1-6 inches (depending on where you lived) was expected for today I think that is when my brain really said, ok, enough, your done. No more….and it was downhill from there all day. The only thing that I could rustle up in my head was,  “God help me, please?” But it is quickly followed by the knowing that after years of those words…help has never come, then despair sets in.

I have completed the 3pm chores, and am waiting for it to get dark so I can close the doors on the coops for the day, now about 5:30 pm or so.  I still need to feed the dogs (“husband is sleeping after just getting back from, yep,  you guessed it…the gym). It is still snowing, and I am in a place where I just do not give a shit any more. There is no sense in wasting the energy of taking off all my outdoor clothes-I do not think I could rustle up the energy to put them all back on to be truthful. Once they come off today, that will be it.

And…he will be getting his own supper tonight or he will go hungry…I really do not care.

And so it goes.


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Gotta Let It Go

The last few days have brought forth so intense soul searching. I think it is because its been so cold that I have run out of things to do outdoors that can be done in such weather and I have about cleaned the paint off the walls in the house which left me with down time.

I do not like down time because the anxiety and panic start to creep forward more so than when I keep busy. Decision making is difficult. I find myself wishy-washy on so many things. I decide one thing one day and the next it does not sound like such a good idea.

I have been a nurse for 27 years now. It has been the focus of my employment despite the other endeavors I have dipped my fingers into. I was very good at the job too and can go back into any facility and department I have ever worked at and they fondly remember my employment days there. Nurses I never worked with even know my name. I guess everything has a season. I have come to the conclusion that my season as a nurse is over. It has been nearly 10 years since I have been able to work in the field and I think it is time to let it go. I have had my day in the sun and it is setting quitely. It was quite a ride.

Going forward I will focus on my farm activities. It seems to keep me grounded, busy (most of the time year round) and external pressures are minimal. I can nap when I need to most of the time and there are no rigid schedules. Right now the pay is crappy though and if I can not figure out a way to come up with the property taxes money, well, I wonder if my cardboard box will have internet access. I am $160 short. It might as well be a million. Wish me luck.


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Advanced Education….Why?

Last year I acquired my Masters Degree, and because of my GPA was invited to join one of the most prestigious associations in the world. This association is by invite only, but by no means free. I scraped the money together in hopes it would help me find a work at home job.

It’s now a year later, and I am still unemployed, and still 6 digits in debt. I honestly expected to get a great job, even working from home with this degree. If I had it to do all over again, I would have never done it. I have found that even if I were to venture out into the world the opportunities are limited. My Masters degree is in Nursing Education. When I decided to get this degree I did check all the stats on projected hiring, project salaries, and even looked at job boards for a few months to see if there were adds for hiring. All looked good. Well….now that I bought the car…..I still am not seeing any like it on the road.

I am also still waiting on a decision about my social security application. I am sure they depend on people starving to death before they make that decision, after all, if your dead that money you paid in is theirs. It doesn’t even go back to your estate. Might as well have gone out back to the burn barrel and burned it. Lawyer says probably another 18 months before I even get a hearing, 28 months total.

So to try and at least not starve I started gardening. My garden was marginally successful last fall, I put up green beans, corn, peas, apples, and made grape juice. it’s a start. I froze all the pullets eggs that were too small to sell, so I have half a freezer of them. I think farming is the way to go for me. I put up a greenhouse last fall from materials I had laying around he place, and was pretty proud of the result. I have to figure out a way to heat it for next winter so I can grow year round in it.

I have been selling eggs but the cost of keeping the chickens has far exceeded what I earn from eggs. Even though farm fresh eggs are better for you you can get commercial eggs at the store for half of what I charge. And yes they do taste different because mine are not fed pesticides either in their food or health maintenance practices. They are not caged in a 3 foot by 3 foot cage all their lives. They have a large run, and in summer a even larger grass yard to roam and eat from.

I have been invited to grow herbs for a local restaurant. I have decided to attempt to meet this challenge. I have never grown herbs before and my learning curve will be short, but I am willing to give it a shot.

I have also acquired some rabbits, given to me by someone who did not want them. I am hoping to turn what comes out after feeding them into sellable fertilizer for other gardens and flower beds.

I have never been afraid of hard work. Matter of fact, it seems I have done nothing but work hard all my life, and have very little to show for it. I think my life time of anxiety and panic has dictated I keep too busy to allow for my brain to do any thinking other than on the task at hand. I wish I could have found a way to take that overactive brain and focused it on great less labor intensive occupations that still supported the bills.

I am grateful to the friends and neighbors that help me by supporting me by bringing the things I need that I can not order online and have delivered to my home. Things like animal feed, hay, building materials and the like. Have a great day.


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Still Looking for Work

Despite the humble beginnings of the farm I still need to find a work from home job…that pays. I am no different than anybody else, I have bills. I live in the northeast, 9 months out of the year my heating bill is $250.00 a month alone. I live in New York, my property taxes amount to a third of a middle class families yearly income. I also have to payoff the debt that my husband has accrued in my name, and this is a 6 figure challenge. I need this job to evict him from this household. It’s like a catch 22, I need him out to lower my expenses, but I can not afford to live without his income right now to keep the lights on.

This marriage has been a lesson burned into my soul. It has reinforced my lack of faith in people, my distrust in the opposite sex and my inclination to stay secluded. I am exhausted with putting out fires on myself from countlessly getting burned. And I am, quite frankly tired of praying for help and or guidence. I am believing that if it were coming, the universe has had 50 years to cough it up and has chosen to ignore me.

According to Anita Moorjani when we die we experience a love that we have never known and are made aware of people we have previously known. The first thing out of my mouth will be “take me to your leader” because I will be ripping a asshole into who ever is incharge of this mess we exist in. I have become angry and bitter, and there will be no question of it when I get there.

I am not naive enough to believe I am the only one with problems. To the contrary, many of us have found ourselves in messes we did not ask for, and in some instances in messes trying to do the right thing, or trying to help others. What is the lesson in that? Not to extend the helping hand to others? To ignore the needs of others? I am beginning to believe that this might be true. Perhaps everyone is sent here to be hung out to dry, and helping another out of a jam or challenge only prolongs the agony for everyone involved.

Anyway, on with the job hunt……

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Feet stuck in mud

As the days go by and one seems to turn into another the anxiety continues, the physical sensations continue.  It just never seems to end. I am living in a disturbed domestic situation which is both embarrassing and stifling. Some days I feel that I am better than what I have allowed to happen to me, other days I wonder if I have not done something along the way to deserve being treated so badly, lied to and left for stupid.

No matter what I try, whether it is occupational related, health related, life change related I am met with defeat. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but it seems to just keep sucking more of the life out of me. I am now penniless, and have been totally left broke by my other and his family. Most everything I had when he got here is either broken or useless. I have never been so destroyed by anyone. I am now looking at having to sell my home (which I bought and paid for years ago) before they take it from me.

I have been spending every waking moment trying to find a job I can do from home to try and save myself and my home but I do not seem to fit in anywhere. Perhaps homelessness is the next place I am headed and where I am supposed to be.  I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.

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