I am a agoraphobic, empath, HSP (highly sensitive person) and suffer chronic panic disorder and PTSD.  I am a United States Navy veteran. I have been journaling for many years, researching and trying many different things to help me in the mainstream world. I believe now that I have unnecessarily been on this journey alone. I will be sharing all the different things I have tried, and things I did not try. I will share the reading I have done, the audios I have listened to and how they did or did not work for me. I will also share some of the programs I have tried and how they did or did not work for me. I will also share my daily struggles here, instead of in my journals.

As of this writing there are three people on the face of this earth that know of my trait empath (HSP) and conditions. I am sure there are others that suspect, but do not know the scope. This is an invisible set of conditions to live with, deal with and work around. A more in depth description can be found on the “about” tab. I invite you to read and leave comment on the topics I write about. Be kind.