Writing nobody reads

One thing I have realized is how great it is to write stuff nobody really reads. The upside is that you can be brutally honest about what is going on, and not offend anyone. Another upside is that you can have an opinion…and no one bully’s you about it.

So..in the interest of being honest…if Biden is elected you all know we are so very screwed we will never know normal life again. If you think the Speaker of the House is looking at the 25th Amendment to focus on our current President…you bought the shit they are wanting you to. It is blatantly obvious that Biden is not capable of acting as President. They will use this amendment to remove him before January…and move Harris in. Do not let them pull this bull shit. This congress has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the citizens of this country in four years. NOTHING. Please…just think about it. All they have done is spend your (and my) hard earned tax dollars chasing delusions, giving themselves raises and going on vacations.

It’s not that horrible corruption has not been going on for ages, it’s that we now have a administration that is not afraid to air dirty laundry. Not being a member of the American Politician Mafia Society (my term) they have signed on to no secret society rules of the typical politician. Although it sickens me to realize that politicians have been getting rich off my hard working ass and back, I am not surprised. What other job can you have that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars to do literally NOTHING.

I could not do the job. I have morals. I believe in being a responsible person. I have never taken advantage of my fellow citizen for the purpose of advancement. In other words…in my book if you are a lifer in the politician pool…your a shit head. If you were drowning…I would be the first to throw you a cinder block, and make sure it got close enough for you to catch it.

So, if what I have said here today strikes a nerve with you..or pisses you off. Good. You need to sit where you are and ask yourself why. Could it be that you have been listening to news spread by NBC? CBS? ABC? That it pisses you off that these news outlets are feeding you propaganda and that you have just had a “ah-ha” moment about it and are a little pissed off at yourself for being so gullible? Well you should be pissed off. There is always two sides to a story. Why are we being fed only one? News reporters like Savannah Guthrie who carry their own agenda disgust me. She should be embarrassed to show her face. She does not ask “tough” questions…she asks “oh, look at me everybody!” questions. In the meantime we have Chris giving answers for Biden because either his ear bud was not working or he can’t think clearly enough to answer them himself. Maybe Biden should have been the moderator and Chris should have stood in for him.

It is no damn wonder I am plagued with anxiety and panic attacks. Looking around is it possible I am the only sane person on the damn planet? Are people like me suffering like this because we can see through the bullshit…and are powerless to fix it? Maybe so.

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