Been a long few months

Today is June 9th. Where I live things are beginning to open back up, places are getting back what many are calling the “new normal”. I have to laugh just a little because, well, once again…nothing has changed for me…..that much.

I am not sure if I mentioned that I acquired some Nigerian Dwarf goats in February. Four does. As of this writing, I now have four adults…and 4 kids. Three single births and a set of twins. It was not my intention to expand the herd. It appears that decision was made for me. I have to admit I am thrilled at having a bit of goats milk around for coffee and cooking. I really look forward to my decalf in the morning now. Yes, it is raw milk.

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I was raised on raw cows milk. My first experience with pasteurized milk was in kindergarten when I was forced to drink a pint by the cafeteria lady. Joke was on her because I puked it up all over her, then spent a week at home with gastritis. My country doctor wrote the school a note specifically stating I was not to drink pasteurized milk. I have not had a glass of milk since 1979 ( I was 17 years old) when laws were passed that prohibited the sale to the public.

The 2 garden plots have been planted. Potatoes, lettuce and pumpkins are coning up fast. Peppers, green beans and cabbage ….not so much. May have to replant them as well as the zucchini. The tomatoes are starting to peek up threw the dirt as are the onions. I have to admit I was a bit floored at the shortage of seed and starter kits this year. It appears everybody and their brother has decided to garden. In all my 50+ years I have never known seed to be sold out by April. Lucky for me I saved seed from last years garden for planting this year, and will do the same this year for next.

I have gotten to the point now where I can not listen to the news at all. A person like me does not need the addition of all the hype going on about just about anything someone has a bitch about. I developed strange sensations in my chest so I stopped listening. Kinda like my heart was stopping…but not palaptions. It comes and goes now. I am trying EVERYTHING in my tool box not to panic and freak out. Its not working very well. I have cried so much in the last week related to de stressing that I am about cried out.

Even though I do not leave my property, I intensely feel the fear of everyone around me and what I see on TV or social media. I just can’t bare the burden of the whole world’s fear, frustration and anger. I just can’t even be witness to it without experiencing physical pain and emotional anguish. It’s the highly sensitive person (HSP) in me. I am like a 200 foot weather vane in a thunder and lightening storm and it sucks. Big time.

The orphaned twin kittens I hand raised last summer will be a year old in July. They are three months old here. They are full of piss and vinegar and everyone, including the Vet that gave them a death sentence (told the people who found them they would certianly die) are amazed at them. I am honored to be of assistance to any of Gods creatures in need.

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It’s 91 degrees outside. I have had enough of summer already. I do not like the heat, nor do I do well in it. It causes a panic state in me. Heat is dangerous. It can kill you as fast as extreme cold. Actually faster. I suffered a heat stroke back in 2004. It’s a horrible sensation to suddenly realize that you do not know where or who you are, who the people around you are, and your first language escapes you when you try to talk. I distinctly remember someone saying the word “chicken” and not knowing what that was, but felt like I should. Who am I kidding…I was terrified.

Well, thats about all I got for now. Stay safe, stay well.

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