Life just keeps going on

Its been about 6 months since I have added to the blog. It seems like nothing much ever changes. You would think after 10 years of this torture I could somehow make peace with it all but I can not seem to get there.

After almost a 3 year wait I got my day in social security court and was awarded disability. It took 3 months in bed after that experience to regain my bearings just to get out of bed in the morning. There are times when I do not think I could feel any worse, yet, my body and brain are always seeking more I guess, and instead of better days,. I get worse days. I am so exhausted. Every minute of every day is a friggin struggle.  Abraham Hicks says that as long as we are asking time will go on…but once we stop asking we will have finished our work here, or become so far out of alignment that there is no way to work our way back and will move on. I keep asking to feel better, but I also feel so far off the road that I feel afraid I will croak because I can not find my way back.

I have been listening to some audiobooks by Dr. Judith Orloff , Dr. Ted Zeff , as well as Abraham Hicks. Sometime their words help for the moment…but the moment passes. I need minutes of relief, not just moments. 

Being alone in the house has its own challenges. I still have animals that need tending, and there are days that their care is all I can get done. No garden this year. A rototiller can be a dangerous piece of equipment when your motivating like your trying to walk on a trampoline with someone else bouncing on it and your vision is going the opposite direction. Getting the animals fed and back into the house without drawing blood is the goal of the day.

I had hoped that with the support of social security disability the financial stresses would be eased up and I might fell at least a little better without that added stress. I was wrong. I don’t know if the experience of having to wait so long, then leave the house  to go to court that involved a 2 hour car ride, then sitting before a judge in court, then getting home finally just fried the last inch of decient nerve I had left or what, but it’s been 5 months since court, and I cannot seem to recover.

The other thing I think that is not helping is the false face I feel like I have to wear when dealing with other people. Family, the mail lady, delivery people. All see me as a functional human being, but they only see a few minutes of me, or less than a hour at a time. I am the one that gets into the house and collapses behind the door as soon as I can. Pretending to be someone your not to save face sucks and is exhausting. I don’t even try to explain to them what is going on…hell I do not understand what’s going on with me, how can I begin to try and explain it to people who have no reference point to work with.

Obviously my work here is not done or all this would have killed me long ago. I do not see however the contribution I am making to the world or anyone else in this state. What could I possibly have to offer anyone? I just can’t get off this merry -go-round.

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