Can’t make this stuff up

Over the last few weeks we have suffered through 4 nor’easters. Two of them hit us hard and as I look out the window 3 week old snow is still 6 inches deep. As a result of the heavy moisture saturated snowfall the chicken runs collapsed.

As a result the birds have all been stuck in the coops for weeks now and getting bored enough to start pecking at each other. Long story short, I decided yesterday to start to repair the runs as best I could around the snow that has melted. In that pile of debris is a 16 foot 2 inch round PVC pipe that held up the wire. I managed to get to it and pick it up supporting it with a board so I could get under it. Bad move.. the pipe came down, hitting me in the head. I am now resting comfortably after a 4 hour visit to the emergency room to learn the gift of a moderate concussion was mine. I am grateful there was no skull fracture (already have 2 of them) and no more broken bones in my neck (already have one of them).

As I wandered to the house the adrenaline was just pumping like a natural gas rig blow off gone bad. I am not sure if my head hurt worse from the panic attack that was in the making or the injury itself, but I could not control the thoughts and body sensations I was experiencing. I was sure I would be paralyzed, dead, have a brain bleed, had fractured my skull, broken my neck, or back or worse! I was not sure what worse was but I was sure of it especially since I was alone in the house. When unconsciousness ensured (and I was sure by then it was going to happen) who would call for help? So off to the ER I went. Any normal person would have shrugged it off, put ice on their head and called it a day, at least the old me would have.

So its rest for me for a few days. When the statistics say that farming is one of the most hazardous occupations….they just are not making that stuff up!

And so it is.

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