Other strategies

I have tried the exterminating fears suggestion. It honestly is not working for me. It only seems to make me think too hard and question most everything I have experienced over the years. I am not so sure dredging up all that crap is really in my best interest.

I have spent the last few weeks preserving food from the garden for winter. My chest freezer is about full of green beans, corn, eggs, peas, apples, tomatoes and the like. I have a stand up freezer I hope to fill with basic meats. In earlier years I was not so much of a meat fan. I really ate very little of it. After the pulmonary embolism though it was brought to my attention that I should eat more and cut down on the veggies and fruits so I have. I eat red meat about once a week, white meat a few time a week and as much fish as I can tolerate each week.

As I wait the 2 years for a approval of my social security I am hoping the preservation and garden skills I learned as a kid will keep me from at least not starving to death while I wait.

I think I will be elaborating more on my farm activities going forward and the struggle it is to do these things most of the rest of the population takes for granted. I think the average person just does not understand the struggles of persons that struggle to live with anxiety, panic and PTSD. If you have never experienced these things it really is impossible for you to understand the struggle, but perhaps empathy can be extended if one understands the struggle.


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