Sizzling Summer

Summer means different things to different people. I am one of those people who could do without a summer. I can not tolerate the heat outdoors, which is a problem when I have to venture out.  Out means to the chicken coops or garden in the back yard. I have come to be proud of the fact I can travel the 150 so feet from the house to there without passing out or throwing up most days. The garden is about 100 feet away. When I go out to care for the animals I have to go early morning, or very late afternoon, to avoid the heat of the day. What happens if I do try to go out? I lay in the backyard passed out until someone drives by and sees me and calls someone. Fun hu? ……When it’s 90 degrees? Yea…I pee very dark amber for a week, and depending on if I fall on my face…or back nurse sunburn for just as long.

I did as mentioned plant a garden in a new section of the yard this year. It is fenced in so most critters don’t bother it. You never know really how well a new plot will do the first year especially when you’re broke, so the plants have to depend on mother nature for all nourishment. I found out I will have about a 2 year waiting period for my social security disability hearing. The military have already determined my disability, but, SSA can’t figure it out. These are the people who gladly take our money in past years, bitch if you don’t pay it, but are willing to let you die getting it when you need it. Had I known 45 some years ago that I would have to starve to death to get my money back…they could have kissed my ass getting it in the first place.

To my surprise the garden is doing better than I expected. I have been freezing green beans every other day, as well as peas. The cherry tomatoes are loaded, as is the larger tomatoes, carrots are coming up and I cut 2 small heads off the broccoli plant yesterday. I have 3 zucchini’s to freeze so far and there are more to come. On the property line behind the garden there is a hedgerow loaded with black long berries that are just beginning to ripen and yesterday I picked about a quart of those before being run off by a skunk. They went into the freezer this morning. I know what I have coming from the new garden this fall will not get us through the whole winter, but what I do not have to buy will go toward the fuel bill. Next year however I am hoping to have enough for the entire year to next harvest.

Up back behind the barn there has been wild asparagus growing so I dug them up and brought them down to the garden too and have planted some cherry shrubs. The cherries will take about 5 years to produce…but ya gotta start someplace I guess. I have apple trees in the back yard too, and they, by my best estimate should have enough apples til next fall. I am surrounded by vineyard and will be making grape juice, as well as preserving skins for grape bread. I have never been a fan of grape pie. I am also hoping to land some blueberries for muffins, pies and pancakes. We have a few blueberry farms in the vicinity.  I have some planted this year too but they are a fickle plant to grow, and take much care….not sure mine will survive.

Despite the dire situation financially I find myself in right now I am trying to maintain hope. I was once told that since I am not dead yet my mission is not complete. I am not sure what I could do for anyone else when I struggle to help myself, but, I guess I will see soon enough.

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