I hate the morning. How do people just get out of bed and start their day without thinking about the repercussions of sitting up and moving, like the possibility of a heart attack? How do they just sit up and head for the bathroom without falling against the wall at least once? How come the world around them does not spin? How do they handle the nausea when one first sits up? Everyone  wants to throw up when they get up every morning…right? Everybody’s world spins to they cannot tell where the walls are…right? Everybody has problems breathing, chest pain, and feels like they are going to pass out when they get up, right? Yet, they all get up and shower, and go to work. Why can’t I do that? What kind of ass wipe does that make me.

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  1. neverforsaken1 says:

    You are not an ass wipe.
    I wake up in a panic as if I am late for something every morning..though I normally have nowhere to go to.
    My first thought is always..”What if someone comes to the door?” and then panic ensues!
    This week we are to get our electric meter replaced and they did not set an appointment, me and my dog, Bud both have severe anxiety and he even has agoraphobia as well, so someone coming to the house is a huge worry. To make it worse, the meter is located on the side of my bedroom window, where we pretty much live all day long!
    Today is also the day I must get blood-work done and then go see my oncologist next week. (I am a cancer survivor)…so my world is pretty stressful this week.
    Hang in there, and take it one day at a time. I’m sorry you’re going through this..but you have more worth than you know.
    Thank you for sharing the and Bud don’t feel so alone today. 😉

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