What on earth is wrong with the world?

I am blessed to live on a hillside surrounding a lake. One day after 3 days of down pour rain my daughter who was quite little at the time asked me, quite seriously, what we would do if the lake got deep enough from the rain that it came up the the house. Since this was not a remote possibility because we lived so far up the hill my answer to her was that we would need to lock the doors because an awful lot of people would be looking for a place to live and our house was not that big.

I think about that conversation a lot these days. With the terrorism occurring around the world what’s to say that something happens to cause the outflux of people living in the cities to the countryside? Unless you are a gang member in one of these cities they will not have a chance against the marksmanship of country people. My husband was a city dweller all his life until he moved here. Our culture infuriated him for the first 4 years he was here and he is still trying to adjust. Do they think they are just going to pack the sedan and move out here? Most city dwellers that do buy a home and move out here find themselves jammed up with in the first 6 months. They don’t buy enough food for emergencies like snow storms. They do not have the skills to prepare for the unpredictable and we have to rescue them in some fashion.

A trip to the grocery store is becoming a panic attack in the making. Its costing me fifty dollars a week more every time I go. There are things I could be doing that I have not been doing seriously over the last couple of years that is going to change. I will be hovering over my garden this summer like a mother hen. I will not be buying any veggies in the store next winter. I will be using everything more efficiently. I will be making my own broths from leftover veggies and meat carcases, my chickens will become more free range this summer to cut back on feed costs.

I am determined to become even more self sufficient than I already am. I am going to pay off bills this year, and save enough to atleast run half this place on solar and wind power. When the world final shits-the-bed I want to be ready. I am done listening to the news every day wondering when the ball is going to drop. I am going to live assuming it already has.

Country folks are generally well armed. Many are seeking pistol permits. I do not need a pistol permit to take your eye out, I have a pellet gun (among other larger gages), when I get done you will wish I did have a pistol permit. I am done laying in bed worrying about the world and what’s going on. I will put myself in a place where it will be the least of my worries.

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