Moving Forward

It has been 21 days since I quit my job.

I have only had 3 panic attacks in 21 days vs the daily multiple attacks I was having.

I have several high anxiety attacks per day, but not to the degree leading to panic.

I find it easier to push through some listless/exhausted moments brought on by anxiety now that I know that if I need to rest …I can.

I find the freedom of not being accountable to anyone or time, liberating and relaxing.

I have been so busy addressing activities around the house that I could not find the motivation to do before that I have suddenly found I do not have enough hours in a day.

I have lost a inch off my waist.

I am smoking less.

I have to trust that the universe agrees that quitting this job was in my best interest, and will open doors for funds to pay my bills. I have begun a project painting barn quilts. My first project came out pretty well. This quilt depicts a bunch of grapes with our local lake in the middle as vineyards surround the lake and 2 bottles of wine. Wine is what this region is famous for. Its is drying waiting for a gloss coat. I think it’s pretty good for a newbee  :). I have also had an offer from a local market to show and sell my creations. Hope is in the air.




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