So as luck would have it my boss has been sending me emails about what a lousy job I was doing, about one every day or so…for months now. Instead of having the balls to fire me, she keeps telling me how others have to go behind me and review my work and how unfair it is to them. So, I fixed the problem for her, I like to fix problems. I quit.

I have a 13 page resume. I have never, ever, quit a job without giving notice…until last Tuesday. The 4 paragraph email sent to me was insultive, degrading, belittling and bordered on bullying. I might have my issues…but I draw the line at “looking down your nose at me”, period. I finished out the day, sent a very nice email explaining I would be done that day and my activity log and time sheets were to follow.

Although I have had moments of anxiety, I have not had a panic attack in a week. I have had a few crying jags this week, but not all day episodes, nor were they everyday, all day as before. I can not believe I put myself through all that for 8 months.

Now its job hunting, or finding something I can make a few hundred dollars extra a month at. I’m pretty crafty, perhaps developing a craft skill is on my plate.

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