The Doctors Appointment

There is nothing like seeing a psychiatrist that knows less about your condition than you do.  This will be short and not so sweet. His advice to me was to go on utube and watch videos related to anxiety and panic control, to download self hypnosis mp3’s and gave me a page from Amazon with cleat attachments for my shoes when he learned I had fallen 25 years ago and broke my neck and fractured my skull. He would not give me medication due to the addictive possibility. Thank God my leg was not broken and I was in any pain….. For the record-I have never taken anything for my anxiety or panic. I was offered years ago, but declined because the problem was not so severe, now that I need it…I can not get it. He would rather see me jump off a bridge.

My profession is embarrassing. This doctor was clueless. Lately there has been media attention to the high suicide rate among veterans. Now you know why.

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