Panic free TV

I ran across a guy name Michael Norman yesterday. He has a site named which if you go there you can sign up for the video series he has put together. This video series is about panic and anxiety and  I am finding it interesting. This is the first video in the series: 

The second video in this series:

As promised…Episode 3:

I am understanding he is a coach and talks a little about his coaching business, but does not do heavy selling or promoting, but does share some great information in a way I have not heard it before.

As I get the links for further episodes I will share.


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4 Responses to Panic free TV

  1. Aaron says:

    Did you try the program? Did it work?


    • Hi, so sorry about the response time. I did use the trial period and canceled before the trial period was up. I found hs explanations of anxiety and panic very insightful, but not anything I had heard before, just put differently. I have suffered with this disorder disablingly now for over 10 years and was looking for something a little different. Different things help different people. I would add that when I asked for a refund of my 1st of 3 month payment plan it was refunded promptly, with in a weeks time. Good luck to you.


  2. Denis Constantin says:

    Did the program work for you. It would look like it did not if you asked for your refund.


    • Hi Denis. No it did not work for me. When ever I see something new I always go into it with hope, but different things work for different people, I just have not found mine yet. If I try a program and ask for a refund and get it I like to share because to me if the program is legitimately trying to help people and they do not, and you get a refund as promised , to me its a little more legit than the programs that you can not even get an e mail reply to. If your struggling, know you are not alone 🙂


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