Panic free TV

I ran across a guy name Michael Norman yesterday. He has a site named which if you go there you can sign up for the video series he has put together. This video series is about panic and anxiety and  I am finding it interesting. This is the first video in the series: 

The second video in this series:

As promised…Episode 3:

I am understanding he is a coach and talks a little about his coaching business, but does not do heavy selling or promoting, but does share some great information in a way I have not heard it before.

As I get the links for further episodes I will share.


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8 Responses to Panic free TV

  1. Aaron says:

    Did you try the program? Did it work?


    • Hi, so sorry about the response time. I did use the trial period and canceled before the trial period was up. I found hs explanations of anxiety and panic very insightful, but not anything I had heard before, just put differently. I have suffered with this disorder disablingly now for over 10 years and was looking for something a little different. Different things help different people. I would add that when I asked for a refund of my 1st of 3 month payment plan it was refunded promptly, with in a weeks time. Good luck to you.


  2. Denis Constantin says:

    Did the program work for you. It would look like it did not if you asked for your refund.


    • Hi Denis. No it did not work for me. When ever I see something new I always go into it with hope, but different things work for different people, I just have not found mine yet. If I try a program and ask for a refund and get it I like to share because to me if the program is legitimately trying to help people and they do not, and you get a refund as promised , to me its a little more legit than the programs that you can not even get an e mail reply to. If your struggling, know you are not alone 🙂


      • Joe Davis says:

        Thanks for your insight on Panic Free Tv. I found the same website and thought what Michael Norman was saying to be quite interesting. I suffer severe panic attacks from claustrophobia which started nine months ago. I don’t know what brought it on, but it is very debilitating, and my doctor keeps prescribing pills for me that don’t work. I was hoping that Michael Norman’s course would help, but you seem to be unimpressed with it. Can you explain whether what you learnt in it may help me, or suggest another course that you did which was helpful to you?
        Many thanks, Joe.


      • Hi Joe. Personally, and this my opinion…that program would probably help someone who has not had anxiety and panic attacks for 10 plus years such as I have. The information is good, and consistent with many of the programs I have tried, and the research I have done independently. I have, too, by the way been prescribed every medication under the sun I think…and they did not work for me either which is why I keep searching I guess for something that will.


  3. Christina says:

    I most recently started getting panic attacks. Most horrifying experience ever. But, I am trying to stay on a positive note and I ask myself all the time, what is this trying to teach me? I also recognize that only courageous people would be able to undergo such experiences and we probably have hypersensitive systems that most people don’t operate on quite yet.

    Anyhow, I too came across Michael Norman’s hopeful presentations and was also curious whether it works or if it was just a scam. Seems like people are always trying to sell something nowadays, but his sincere tone seemed promising. Glad I came across your site and your review. I had a feeling it was too good to be true. haha.

    I saw that you have done research independently, as have I…and I wonder if we have come to similar conclusions. I wanted to share some of my findings with you. To cut to the chase, let me just type in some keywords below that I’ve been currently investigating. I think everything is connected. Mind, Body, Soul. Whenever something is out of balance, misaligned, and off kilter, dis-ease in one shape or another will surface in order for us to take a look at what needs to be adjusted.

    Stress sensitive
    Enlarged amygdala
    LOW blood circulation and oxygenation

    I believe these the keywords listed above are tied to panic attacks. I have also been proactively trying to find wholistic remedies to counter them. It’s hard though based on our limited access of knowledge on the subject matter…I am also trying to resolve from a natural, homeopathic approach. I find acupuncture, massage, and herbs may alleviate some sensations that go along with the panic attack. Deep meditation alleviates some too.


    • Hi Christina,

      I agree with everything you have mentioned. I have also looked at being a Highly Sensitive person (HSP), and possibly an Empath. Dr Elaine Aron, Dr Ted Zeff, and Dr Judith Orloff have written a couple of great books on these two subjects respectively. I was surprised when I read these books to find how I really related to their descriptions. I am with you on the mind, body, soul relationship. I have also seen behavioral health practitioners in about every discipline out there, and have somewhat concluded (which may or may not be correct) my panic attacks are benign in that no physical reason can be found…and I have had more labs, scans, ultrasounds, EKG’s and EEG’s than 10 normal people have in a lifetime.

      What I have found myself searching for at this point is peace. I have had my share of traumatic events in my lifetime, had extremely high stress jobs, and I think since I do not know how to slow down on my own my body is doing it for me, slapping me around so to speak, haha. I have also found that low blood sugar adds to my misery. I carry honey with me now…if I start feeling upset, by body starts to feel upset I take a teaspoon of that and let it sit under my tongue as long as I can. I have found that 8 out of 10 times it helps to lessen the panic severity, and I seem to recover a little faster. I know there are many programs that tell you to decrease sugar intake as part of curbing anxiety and replace with an increase in the number of small meals throughout the day rather than just doing 3, which is also something I have also kind of done, but still carry the honey incase.

      Another thing that lead me to the HSP readings is the horrid sensitivities I seem to have developed to drugs in the last 10 years. The adult dose of ANYTHING is an overdose to my body. I can relieve a migraine with 1 extra strength Tylenol every 4 hours. I can not take two otherwise my ears start to ring, and I have a overdose hangover. If I get antibiotics I have to cut the dose tablet into 4 pieces and spread it out over the day, and taking it for longer than the normal 10 days its given for. Capsules are a drag because I have to break them apart, split the powder in to 4 doses to take it.

      My Nurse Practitioner, and every doctor I have ever dealt with thinks it’s all in my head…and maybe it is…..but my numerous reactions while hospitalized because they will not listen has left me terrified of the healthcare system. I was also born without the receptors for opiates. Drugs like morphine for surgical procedures is useless. I had a cardiac catheterization done a few years ago because I suffer constant vertigo and they tried to use fentanyl because they could not use morphine to put me out… and I woke up even on that. The anesthesiologist said he’d never seen anything like it. Haha…look at me…breaking all the rules.

      Everyone of us is different. What works for one may not work for another. I guess what I have found is that bits and pieces work for me for a period of time and when they do not help anymore I start searching for another perspective. I agree with your perspective that there is an imbalance my body is trying to correct…I wish I could stop poking it with a stick as it seems I am, whatever “it” is.

      Thank you for your comments and thoughts!


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