Change of seasons

Yesterday I was notified I passed the capstone. It will be probably be November before I see the paper product of 2 and a half years of schooling and $90,000. It is unlikely that my part time $10.00 a hour job will pay it off before I die. It is also unlikely I will ever get a job that pays enough to pay off these loans working from home and still eat and keep from freezing to death. The only thing my husband is worried about is me making enough so he can stay home and still support his illegal drug habit.

I need a job that will give me flexible time to nap and take a break when I get tired. One would think that being self employed would be the way to go, and I do think this is probably the best option for me. I would like to write I think, but my college professors seem to think that I write like crap, can’t spell, or use grammar correctly (even when I used spell and grammar check-computer gets it wrong too).

My daughter thinks I should start a non-emergency transport company. Agreed there is a desperate need in my area, but I have owned businesses before that have employees. Employees are a pain in the ass. They do not show up, complain about everything, and cost a lot for a business to have. When I owned the restaurant employees were a nightmare.

Starting a business like that is also expensive. Between acquiring vehicles, employees, insurance and bonding you have to be rich to even entertain the idea. That’s usually how it is though, you have to be rich to get rich, or know someone who is. I guess the best I can hope for is a freak win of PCH.

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