Coming to a morning near you

……..but not yours. I can only hope that one morning I will wake up with a reason I am excited about to get up. I hope it comes before I finally put my toes on that line in the sand, and step over it.

I evidently have been assigned a “limited” number of people I am getting along with at one time. They are coming and going so fast I can not remember from one minute to the next who is talking to me and who is not. I piss off one and all of a sudden someone who has not had a use for me in months sends me a text. Lol..and no Steph..I am not talking about yours this morning, lol.

And do not send me a text describing abusing a pet and not expect me to jam a text up that person’s ass about it. I do not tolerate that in any fashion, for any reason. Get mad. Be done talking to me cause I can’t keep my mouth shut. What else is new..I never have been able to sit by and allow any theater, to anyone, or anything. I need to live in a cave. That would fix everyones problem with me….and probably fix me as well.

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