Another Miserable Night

I asked my husband to take me shopping because I have been incredibly dizzy these last few days. That was mistake one. It set him off. A total asshole the whole trip, pissy and bitchy, threw the groceries in the truck because it inconvenienced him that I was done before he was done shining his truck. Most of what I got came home bent, broken, or crushed. After we got home went looking for the bottles I carry water to the barn with, finally found them in the trash can. I am always digging my things out of a trash can.

By 9pm I was toast. I bawled til about 10:30. Went to bed only to feel like I was laying on top of the washer on the spin cycle. Up and down all night. He slept like a rock. I am living with a bully.

What I now understand from the “EX” is who is in town this week that he has been this way for 20 years, bully’ed her too. he was not like this early on. What this reminds us of is that when they want something they can be loveable, accommodating and so on, but once they have the foot in the door, its back to the status quo. They do not change…only the behavior temporarily. She wrote a whole book about the miserable relationship…it’s sold on Amazon, too bad it was not on the market before I got married. Admittedly I am feeling ashamed and stupid for falling for the fake behavior, although I now have a better understanding why people die as a result of bullies.

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