Mentally Challenging Read

Last summer I began a study of a book called”A Course in Miracles”. This the mentally “thickest” book I have ever encountered. Many of you are familiar with it I am sure, other would have never heard of it. For those who have not it is published by ACIM Foundation For Inner Peace and began with two Medical Psychologist Professors from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City in 1977.

Helen Schucman, PhD began to have dreams that her colleague William Thetford, PhD encouraged her to document. The rest is history. Because the writings are so heavy many other books and videos have been written to assist the reader in its understanding. I have the full version, about 2 inches thick, written on what equates to tissue paper. I have managed about a page a day without the daily lessons.

I have read about people taking years and years to study this document. At first I found that excessive, but now that I have dove into it I understand why. It goes so far beyond bible teachings that to me it makes the bible look like a outline rather than a guide. I have read the Bible (King James Version) in it entirety, twice, cover to cover. I’d like to get through this one at least once. Including the daily lessons. I do also understand that without years of theological study to begin with this book would make no sense at all.

Had I not already read the Bible and read books from authors such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Kyle Gray, Caroline Myss and many others over the years this book would be way over my head more so than it is. I have to say that although I am not sure what I will be getting out of it as a progress a long, but it is understood that all new information one adds to the library in ones brain tends to change how we see the world as well as people and happenings in it, either to us, or to others. I am sure my world view will change. Stand by to see how.

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