Things they are a changin..

I guess everyone has to hit the bottom before starting back up again. There is a new boss in my house…me. I have come to understand these last few weeks that the only people who run over me are the ones I let. In addition the only real mistakes are the ones I make twice.

That said I have gotten a work from home job, my grad school has honoured me with paid tuition for the last semester, as well as an online preceptor for my practicum. I am drowning in debt..but I am hoping my new job will help with that. I have managed to get some veggies planted in the garden, and with a little luck and rain I wil not have to buy anything but meat next winter helping to save a little more.

My other half will spend what I give him, and on what I tell him to spend it on.In addition he does have an allowence. He now has chores. The lawn, laundry and dishes when they are in the sink. He will also be caring in full for the dogs…food, medications and baths as needed. I will care for the farm animals.

I will not live with a bully. I introduced him to the door and told him it was his friend if he did not like the way things were going to be run. My neighbor, a friend of his has found himself out of the house, which my spouse could not believe, but has given him food for thought. I lived alone for many years before he showed up, and I could do it again, a consideration I think he has thought about and must feel I would do again.

Now if I could just get rid of the dizziness, and anxiety when I leave the house…perhaps the same witchy personality will need to come out to conquer that as well.



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