Alone within a family

Today my Uncle on my Father’s side died. He was elderly, had lived a full life and wanted for nothing. My Aunt passed last year. They had been married some 70+ years I think. My father had a falling out with his sister years ago. She and my uncle had a tendency to acquire material things like land by kind of tricking people out of it. When my Grandmother died we found out my Aunts, both of them changed her will to make sure the two of them got it all and left my Dad with absolutely nothing, not even a picture. They went so far as to go to the bank and withdraw the funds Dad and she had saved to bury her with and built storage units with it before she was cold in the ground. They have not spoken since, about 20 years ago now.

My brothers and I will follow suit I guess. My youngest brother is strapped with a gold digger, and he has pretty much spent every dime he has earned in sweat to bail her (not his) boy out of jail, pay for lawyers, and fancy stuff she thinks she needs. She claims to be totally disabled from a back problem, yet,  when she gets drunk she’s throwing office chairs out the door, hollering and screaming in the driveway, kicking trashcans like soccer balls and throwing a fit like a two year old at 2:00 in the morning because she is now spoiled. One day on facebook I commented on their ex-daughter in laws post. I was left out apparently when they sent out the memo we were not talking to her anymore. I was informed that I was to no longer comment on her posts. I got pissed. Just because you have money you do not have the right to tell me who my friends are…anywhere …at any time. They unfriended me on facebook and no longer speak to me unless of course they have something to bitch about or want something. It is funny how people get when they acquire money. Somehow they think that if they speak or issue orders everybody is supposed to get on their knees and worship them.

In the mean time there are my cousins, also not wanting for anything, my now deceased uncle’s boys. They do not speak to each other either. If I speak to either I am in the shits with somebody, either my parents and or brothers. But, from where I sit, at least I know what to expect from them. I now know what to expect from my brother as well.

I think I was switched at birth, I am the only HSP in my family. The only one that suffers anxiety. But then again sometimes I feel like I was the only one born with a brain. It must have been one of those things that skip generations.

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