Keeping busy

Today the snow melts. We have gone from zero degrees to over 50 in a week. In the last week we also got a ice storm, a snow storm, and a bit of flooding and lost power for 8 hours. In the meantime I have been busy feeding animals, housework and homework. Tons and tons of homework. We are studying instructional design, curricular program development and measurement, assessment and evaluation. When I figure it all out I will let you know.

In between I have been trying to sleep. Its not working so well. When I lay down my brain just can’t seem to get out of gear. To make things a little more interesting I have a pain going on just below my left ear, feels like a pissed off lymph node or a clogged eustachian tube. No matter how many hours I spend adjusting pillows it is still there.

Last night I finally got comfortable and I was pushed out of bed by the dogs. For some strange reason they feel the need to lay up against me, and I wiggle to give myself more room, they wiggle closer until finally I am on the outs. Last night I gathered my pillows, phone and drink, and headed to the spare bedroom. By the time I got comfortable was 1 am.This is actually becoming the norm more than not. No wonder I am shot to shit.

Tomorrow is another day.

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