Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire is my go-to woman. If anyone got the gift to live forever it should have been her.

Dr. Claire Weekes was the first woman Doctor of Science at the University of Sydney in 1930, Dr. H. Claire Weekes (1903–1990) took an interest in anxiety, panic and phobic disorders after suffering herself for 2 years after being misdiagnosed with TB (DuPont, Spencer, & DuPont, 2003). She saw nervous illness as the result of sensitization, bewilderment and fear, and the idea that severe sensitization was kept alive by bewilderment and fear (Weekes, 1962, Chapter 1). She breaks down fear into two areas, the first and second. First fear being the automatic, unconscious first reaction. The second fear is the being afraid of the first fears sensations and reinforcing it, keeping it going (Weekes, 1962, Chapter 1). She explains the surges of adrenalin that cause the sensations and feels the key is to stop pumping this chemical by allowing the second fear to start. She coins the phrase “release and accept” as a way of “calming the thoughts and accepting, not shrinking from whatever sensations the body produces” and allowing the body to loosen and take on whatever sensations are produced (Weekes, 1962, Chapter 1) (Ford, 2015).

I purchased the audio version of her publications just because when I am in a shaky panicky state I can’t hold a book steady enough to read it, nor do I have any desire to try and read. I need to have someone talking to me. To me She has a very soothing voice and the small quips of humor she adds to the recordings is perfect.

Claire Weekes Publications Pty Ltd. continues to offer her books, CD’s and DVD’s for sale at http://www.claireweekes.com.au/. They also can be purchased through Amazon and their sister site Audible.com.

In addition you can read more extensively about her on a Facebook page set up by her heirs at https://www.facebook.com/DrCWeekes/info/?tab=page_info.


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I do not recommend, endorse or speak for or against Dr. Weekes programs. This is a review of my personal experience with the program. Another person’s experience could be totally different and we should all respect that.

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