The Linden Method-Review


The Linden Method is a program developed by Charles Linden, located in the United Kingdom. He is a self proclaimed cured sufferer of panic disorder. He has put together a program to help other sufferers and I have looked at and participated in this program.

The first time I bought into this program I participated on line. There are two purchase options, one is online (digital) and the other is purchasing the program and getting the materials (book and CD’s) in hard copy with the additional online access. Online access is for one year only and includes support. The support line is to help with program compliance not a hotline for talking you out of a panic attack.

What I liked. This guy does understand the the turmoil a panic suffer feels and verbalizes it very well. He also has a great accent and a nice voice to listen to when you’re having trouble focusing. His recorded materials are rather short and to the point and he sounds like he is talking to you, personally. His explanations of the issues a panic suffer faces are reasonable and make sense, making it easier to absorb the material and suggestions he makes. There is email correspondence available if you have questions and they always responded within 24 hours.

The recorded support include meditations, calming messages and explanations of the different kinds of anxiety disorders. There is also a panic “talk down” series.

What I did not like. It is not cheap. Depending on the version you buy it can cost between $167-$247 US dollars per year. Dividing it up into 3 payments is also an option.Personally I think his audience would be better served with life access, after all if you buy the digital version it does not cost them anything to maintain access after that other than the already set up website maintenance, if they change anything. He suggests using bananas as a blood sugar leveler which is a good idea, if you live near a market where you can buy them every other day. You average 3 a day or more, and I live far enough away from a store that I only go once every 2 weeks or once a month. As everyone knows you can not buy  2 weeks worth and not have them rotten after the first week.

The helpline is an international number. They do have a US domestic number to order, but if you have program questions you have to call the international number.

I have bought into this program for two years, mostly because I get some comfort from the guided meditations. The second time I bought the hard copies because once you hit your year you loose all the access and have to pay for another year.

The program claims a money back guarantee if not satisfied. I have not attempted to use this mostly because I do get some relief listening to the relaxation and meditation tracts but it has not lead me to an anxiety free life. I think this would work well for someone who is new to panic disorder, who has not lived with it for years, and someone who lives near a market and has disposable income to accommodate the diet changes he suggests.

The Linden Methods website can be found here:

I do not recommend, endorse or speak for or against the Linden Method. This is a review of my personal experience with the program. Another person’s experience could be totally different and we should all respect that.



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