Post appointment

Well as luck would have it I got to the appointment and back again. The rest of the day was shot as I slept trying to renew the inflamed nerve endings all over my body. For an introvert HSP places like hospitals and cemeteries can feel like sticking your finger in a light socket if you let them. Many years ago Dr Claire Weekes recorded therapy for the anxiety ridden person to give confidence and guidance when they venture out. I listen to a collection called, “Freedom From Nervous Suffering” purchased off the website. This collection also has a recording where she helps one relax to sleep. Different things work for different people, at different times but I have had many a night where her voice the last I hear before gratefully drifting off.

My mammogram went well. Well, as well as those can go. I can not say who came up with that machine but somehow I am guessing it was a man..I could be wrong. I have had them done at the same place for years. I have a great tech. It is sort of weird though to have the person doing the mammogram knowing you for thirty some years. On the other hand, for an HSP it is a dream come true because there are few changes to the routine, and no surprises. We do not like, or do well with surprises. Come up behind a HSP and scare them and watch our skin melt right off our bodies.

I am good for another two years. I did not smash up the truck, had no “put me on the floor” dizzy spells while driving (which could be disastrous driving, but been lucky so far), and arrive home only moderately shaking, nauseated and very exhausted. Cortisol dumps drain me of sugar and leave me hypoglycemic. I will spend the next few days replenishing that sugar every few hours with a little honey, a half teaspoon or so. It usually takes about 3 days for my system to return to normal. A traumatic event will put me down for at least a week. Tomorrow is another day, maybe, god willing.



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